Ken Tsurusaki is an outdoor photographer, who (almost) lives in the field. His strength lies in his deep love and understanding of the sport of fly fishing, and he has traveled the five continents to seek "the moments." His work appears in major publications in various countries.


Ken was born in 1960 in Kurume city, in the big southern island of Kyushu as a son of an artist painter. His father was his first mentor in outdoor sports, and Ken started to roam the mountains in his home land in his low teens. He clearly remembers the day when he first caught the native trout called yamame (land-locked cherry salmon) and it changed his life. He later expanded his interest into the brine, and he started working for a magazine before graduating from college. He also started to take the portraits of the people whose vocations are related to water.


Ken graduated from Kyushu Sangyo University, with major in photography. Ken immediately relocated to Tokyo and established Ken Tsurusaki Photographic Studio, with the aim to put main stress on outdoor photography. He immediately expanded his field, and started to visit alpine countries and ocean bottom with scuba gear on.


Ken started to take fly fishing photography. His work was unlike any other and regarded very unique, may be because of his fishing background. Ken started to shoot for the front cover and the initial full color section of prestigious fishing magazines published in Japan.


Ken received an annual award "Shorei Sho" from Japan Professional Photographers Society. This prestigious award is given to the budding photographers to recognize their uniqueness.


Ken published a large-format coffee table book titled "Water Games" from Tsuribito-sha. This was the very first photographic book in Japan solely devoted to fly fishing, and attracted a lot of attention form the non-fishing public. He also hosted a photo installation with the same titlee in Osaka Pentax Forum, Fukuoka Tenjin FM Gaya and Toyota Amlux Ikebukuro.


An installation of angler portraits taken with large-format camera was held in Ginza Nikon Salon. Later that year a photo CD with the same title was released. Some of the portraits were added to the permanent collection of Kobe Museum of Fashion Photography.


With Yukihiro Takahashi, one of the three members of the YMO(Yellow Magic Orchestra) and a devoted fly fisher, Ken co-published a photo essay titled "Catch & Release" (Daiei Publishing).


A photo book titled "The World of Fly Fishing" (Tsuribito-sha) was published.


A Photo book titled "The Forest of Happiness: A Fly Fishing Journey of 2700km" (Tsuribito-sha) was published. Installations with the same title were held in Canon Galleries in six locations.
His recent enthusiasm is towards wild forests, because it is strongly linked to our watery world and fishing.


Forest of happiness(2006)

Water Games(1994)

“Catch & Release"(1997)

The world of flyfishing(1999)